Complete Home Inspections include the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I get an inspection prior to putting my home on the market?

An objective and detailed home inspection will focus on “buyer’s needs” and show all potential buyers that you have nothing to hide.  Pre-sale inspections eliminate last minute expenses and are proven to help sell homes faster!

  • Why do I need a home inspection?

The purchase of a home is one of the largest single investments you will ever make. Buyers should learn everything they can about the condition of the property. This will allow you to bargain for a fair purchase price and budget for future repairs.

  • What should I expect from a qualified home inspector?

A home inspection is a visual evaluation that includes a written report of the apparent condition of accessible installed systems at the time of inspection. You should expect a higher level of knowledge and professionalism. They should be clean, courteous and always on time. The inspection should be fair, impartial and avoid all conflicts of interest.