What’s your 2016 New Year’s Resolution ?

Every year we challenge ourselves to “improve” .  Typically it’s a promise to eat better, get more exercise, and loose weight.  Might I suggest a resolution different than in prior years ?

How about a New Year’s Resolution for your Home ?

Here are a few suggestions:

Safety Checks – Refresh all the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. This might include adding additional units.  This is also a great time to consider radon testing.  If you have a system in your home, when was the last time your service provider checked and tested the system? Qualified radon vendors should test the system every 2 years to confirm it’s accuracy.  Other things like installing GFCI outlets near all sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms are always an inexpensive safety upgrade.

Preventative Maintenance – I have always recommended having your HVAC system cleaned and serviced  annually.  All local service providers offer cost effective annual service plans. Guaranteed, you will add life to the units and improve their overall performance.

Reduce your Energy Footprint –   Upgrades with energy efficient windows and doors are the most obvious  but not always inexpensive.  Adding and or replacing insulation in your attic is a less expensive improvement.  Many of the “big box” home improvement stores offer DIY systems to blow insulation into your attic as well as batting materials  that can be added.  Adding weather stripping to doors and windows and appropriate drapery will help.

Control Your Home Temperature –   There are several new programmable / digital thermostats available that are  designed  to manage temperature needs based on the time of day.  This isn’t a new concept, but the fact that many of them are now linked to our mobile phone makes them more accessible and more likely to be used properly giving excellent results .

Your home is one of your largest investments and like yourself, it deserves a little extra attention.

Happy New Year 2016 !

Cincinnati Certified Home Inspections, LLC  

Don Smith, Owner / Inspector

Cincinnati Certified Home Inspections, LLC is a member of ASHI and gives credit to Jay Gregg for his article, thoughts, and suggestions from the December 2015 ASHI Reporter.